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What’s 4 Dinner Recipe

What’s 4 Dinner Recipe

What’s 4 Dinner ?

Are you tired of that question ?

Why not try this 2EZY, NO FAT, Low Calorie, Tasty, Satisfying, Nutritious, One dish meal, lunch or dinner. :)


A large handful of marinated kale [ check video below]

A few leaves of lettuce, shredded

Steamed broccoli [cut into bite sized bits]

Steamed pumpkin [cut into bite sized bits]

Combine all ingredients in your favourite serving bowl


In a small bowl mix these ingredients together – quantities to your taste

Lime juice & zest

Apple cider vinegar

Miso of choice

Tamarind paste

Sometimes I add umeboshi paste as well

Pour dressing over salad ingredients, sprinkle with sliced spring onions

enJOY :)

CLICK  HERE to watch Video for Marinated Kale

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