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Rainbow Roll-ups Raw Food Recipe

Rainbow Roll-ups Raw Food Recipe

Raw Food Recipes have such a diversity of tastes and textures as they do ingredients, combining fruits, vegetables and leafy greens they create such a taste sensation.

Rainbow Roll-ups are a simple and easy Raw Food Recipe, using all fresh seasonal ingredients, please add or subtract any ingredients you prefer, to make this a tasty meal to suit your taste buds.

I have filmed  a recipe I put together whilst in Kauai Hawaii a couple of years ago, I think you will find it easy to follow and may give you some idea’s to create your own Raw Food Recipe.

I have added another video demonstrating how to make the Marinated Kale, as well, I hope you enJOY them both.

Sorry about only showing you my hands, but I was looking a bit rough after a day at the beach !!

This recipe can easily be made into a salad in a bowl or replace the rainbow chard for nori sheets.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed when faced with preparing a Raw Food Recipe, it is no different to creating a sumptuous salad.

Add any fresh seasonal ingredients that you enJOY, be inspired, your body will thank you for it.


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