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Pumpkin & Broccoli with Zesty Green Sauce

Pumpkin & Broccoli with Zesty Green Sauce

Pumpkin Broccoli with a Zesty Green Sauce

This recipe is not only 2EZY to make taking less than 20 mins bench 2 bowl, but it is NO FAT and LOW CALORIES, tasty, filling and nutritious. What could be better ?


400g steamed pumpkin 100cals

100g steamed broccoli 34 cals

200g lettuce 28 cals

200g zucchini 32 cals

2 spring onions 20 cals

100g cucumber 10 cals

1tsp umeboshi paste

1tsp miso [your favourite]

1tsp tamarind paste

splash of Bragg apple cider vinegar


Lightly steam pumpkin and broccoli

Wash and shred lettuce and add to a serving bowl

Blend to a paste – zucchini, cucumber, spring onion, umeboshi, miso & tamarind pastes, Bragg apple cider vinegar

When pumpkin and broccoli are soft add to lettuce and pour on the zesty green sauce, toss lightly and serve.

Total Calories approx. 250

Umeboshi Paste   Tamarind Paste

Miso Paste   Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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