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Pak Choy, Pumpkin and Mushrooms – Low Calorie Recipe

Pak Choy, Pumpkin and Mushrooms – Low Calorie Recipe

Who doesn’t want to know how to make EZY LOW CALORIE NUTRIENT RICH meals ?

Well here is one that I made the other night that ticked all the boxes :)

Pak Choy Pumpkin and Mushrooms – Low Calorie Recipe


400g jap pumpkin at 26 calories per 100g = 104

360g pak choy [you could use bok choy or any of the other asian green family] at 13 calories per 100g = 47

160g mushrooms [2 large ones] at 14 calories per 100g = 25

1 spring onion approx. 10 calories

lemon juice freshly squeezed

natto miso [you could use any miso of your choice]

salt and pepper to taste


Wash and chop all veg. except spring onion

Steam them lightly

Place veg into a serving dish and pour over lemon juice, miso add chopped spring onion

Total approx. calories 175


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