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Benefits of Smoothies

Benefits of Smoothies

The Benefits of adding Smoothies to your diet are enormous, they are easy to prepare, relatively cost effective, quick to prepare, early to clean up after, greta to a busy lifestyle, and just SO GOOD for your health !!

Smoothies provide a filling, nutritious and delicious meal in a glass, when you add your favourite combination of fruits, vegetables and any super foods, like cacao, maca powder, Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina, any of the green powder combo’s, chia seeds, flax seeds, you have magic fuel for your body to work a busy active day.

Providing enough nutrients to fuel your body and your brain is essential to a healthy lifestyle, no fuel equals no energy, adding a smoothie loaded with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables of your choice and taste will do just that.

Replacing a meal with a smoothie is easy, and when you feel up to it, why not do a full day or week of smoothies and feel the health benefits they give.


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