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Paula Nutting – Your Musculoskeletal Specialist – Diaphragm of a Deep Sea Diver

Paula Nutting – Your Musculoskeletal Specialist – Diaphragm of a Deep Sea Diver

Paula Nutting – Your Musculoskeletal Specialist, shares her experience and knowledge on a practice to strengthen your Diaphragm.





Once we have established how to activate the diaphragm as the primary muscle for inspiration (rather than the overworked Scalenes in those with respiratory conditions such as COAD, stress asthma and the like) we need to increase the strength of it further and add in some more from the Intercostals. This is achieved by way of creating negative airway pressure by mimicking inhalation without actually drawing in air. It creates a hollowing of the abdominal cavity as the diaphragm attempts to pull air into the bronchus. This technique is used by deep sea divers to assist in their length of time underwater but is effectively used for all those wanting more respiratory control. Start the sequence with a) full exhalation and semi child’s pose, b) close off epiglottis and sit up straight, c) attempt to draw in a breath without allowing any air into the airways d) hold this for as long as you can – try for 10 seconds at least e) breathe in and relax. Repeat 3 times in total and then complete the sequencing with a large upper torso stretch in flexion, lateral flexion, extension and rotation to target all thoracic muscles including Diaphragm, intercostal’ s, Serratus anterior and posterior, scalenes, Pec minor and the larger Latissimus Dorsi, Pectoralis Major and abdominals.

Paula Nutting musculoskeletal specialist has been in the Health industry since 1980′s after completing the 3 year Nursing Registration followed by group aerobic fitness and then into the massage industry. Owned a gym that specialised in fitness and injury prevention. Completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage and then on to Degree in Health Science Musculoskeletal Therapy. Immediate past president of Australian Association of Massage Therapists and now owns PN Hands On and Nationally presents for the massage industry.
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Remedial massage and Musculoskeletal expert Paula Nutting will tend to your headaches to Sciatica, back pain to shoulder rehab. Also lectures Nationally on all facets of the Massage Industry

Immediate past president Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Chair of National Education and Training committee, Past Chair of National Ethics committee, Director of Australian Massage Research Foundation, lectured in Canada, Trigger Point Released Leon Chaitow at the AMTA conference in Phoenix.

St Margarets Anglican School
Royal Brisbane Hospital
Nursing, 1976 – 1980
Diploma Remedial Massage, 1998 – 2003
Degree Musculoskeletal Therapy, 2003 – 2005

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