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Gluteus Maximus Strengthen and Stretch

Gluteus Maximus Strengthen and Stretch… http://www.yourmusculoskeletalspecial…… http://www.yourmusculoskeletalspecial…… To View all of Paula Nutting Your Musculoskeletal Specialist video’s… Paula Nutting Your Musculoskeletal Specialist shares her vast knowledge and experience on the physical anatomy of the human body. Giving you tips and techniques to Stretch and Strengthen the Gluteus Maximus. Watch this for 2 great Gluteus maximus strengthening ideas and a great stretch variation for those with hip osteoarthritis or compressive groin pain. Side lying with the heels together and back in a straight line, now lift the upper knee off the lower leg as high as possible without rolling backwards from the spine. Only hold up for a brief moment and then lower the leg and completely relax it before lifting again. Repeat 20 times. Next the hook hip lift manoeuver which is done lying supine with a tennis ball cradled between the knee and lower ribs. Hold the leg in this tight hip flexion whilst pushing up into a hip lift using the other leg. Only lift up a small range as this is hard to do and only needs to recruit the glut muscles. Lastly for those with hip dysfunctions, try a more gentler glut stretch by crossing one leg over the other. Ensure the ankle of the crossed leg is resting near the knee of the other, now just press the crossed leg away from you but make sure you stabilize your hips so that they don’t wobble and lose the stretch. Hold this for 30 seconds and do it every day. Paula Nutting musculoskeletal specialist has been in the Health industry since 1980′s after completing the 3 year Nursing Registration followed by group aerobic fitness and then into the massage industry. Owned a gym that specialised in fitness and injury prevention. Completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage and then on to Degree in Health Science Musculoskeletal Therapy. Immediate past president of Australian Association of Massage Therapists and now owns PN Hands On and Nationally presents for the massage industry. Check out my website http://www.yourmusculoskeletalspecial… Remedial massage and Musculoskeletal expert Paula Nutting will tend to your headaches to Sciatica, back pain to shoulder rehab. Also lectures Nationally on all facets of the Massage Industry Immediate past president Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Chair of National Education and Training committee, Past Chair of National Ethics committee, Director of Australian Massage Research Foundation, lectured in Canada, Trigger Point Released Leon Chaitow at the AMTA conference in Phoenix. St Margarets Anglican School 1976 Royal Brisbane Hospital Nursing, 1976 – 1980 ACNM Diploma Remedial Massage, 1998 – 2003 ACNM Degree Musculoskeletal Therapy, 2003 – 2005

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