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Is Almond Milk Good for you

Is Almond Milk Good for you





If you have or are thinking about changing over to Almond milk or adding Almond butter to your diet, you might like to take a look at the information below, that reveals the imbalance in nutrition and the overload of FAT in Almonds. Almonds have a ratio of 2000 times more inflammatory omega 6 than anti-inflammatory omega 3, 2000:1. A healthy ration is considered 4:1. If that doesn’t scare you then consider 1 cup of Almonds has 575 calories, if you are wanting to lose those extra kilo’s, I would suggest a huge bowl of steamed or raw veggies would struggle to reach 200 calories, I know which one I prefer. I has been a number of years now since I was teaching people to make all the misguided Raw Gourmet meals, laden with nuts, nut milks, nut butters, nut sauces and nut cakes. It was part of my own personal food evolution, you could call me a reformed nutter !! probably worse than a reformed smoker :) I am posting this blog and making these video’s with the intention of educating others so they do not have to make the same mistakes I made and suffer the weight gain and joint pain. Sadly, I to made the switch to Raw Gourmet recipes and lifestyle thinking I was switching to a healthy way of eating. Luckily I continued to evolve and discover the benefits of eating a diet of simple & clean vegetables and fruits. I do trust that if you are reading this blog or have watched the video you to will come to realise the harmful effects of eating a Raw Gourmet diet. Inflammation the silent killer: Around 50 years ago agricultural policies changed when food-processing companies forced farmers through financial necessity to shift their crop varieties to the bulk production of oil based yields to accommodate the growth in the man made food industry. With the availability of cheap mass-produced oils that could be chemically changed into Trans fats, the food manufacturers’ created food with longer shelf life, also switching to omega 6 oils because the more complex omega 3 oils are less stable with heat and oxidize (go rancid) if not refrigerated. So if you think that you still consume the same quality foods as your parents did, then you’re fooling yourself. Today the omega-6 to omega-3 ratios is estimated to be around 25:1. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratios for the hunter/gatherer was as low as 1:1. Cooking Oils containing high percentages of Inflammatory Omega 6

Safflower Omega 6 – 75% Omega 3 – 0% Sunflower Omega 6 – 65% Omega 3 – 0% Corn Omega 6 – 54% Omega 3 – 0% Sesame Omega 6 – 42% Omega 3 – 0% Peanut Omega 6 – 32% Omega 3 – 0%
Soybean Omega 6 – 51% Omega 3 – 7% Canola Omega 6 – 20% Omega 3 – 9% Walnut Omega 6 – 52% Omega 3 – 10% Flax Omega 6 – 14% Omega 3 – 57% Fish Oil Omega 6 – 0% Omega 3 – 100%

So lets look at the foods:
Corn: fresh 32.1 times more 6 than 3. Pork Chops: 22.4 times more 6 than 3. Rolled Oats: cooked 22.3 times more 6 Rice: cooked 22.1 times more 6 than 3. Bacon: cooked 21.3 times more 6 than 3.
Eggs: cooked 15.5 times more 6 than 3. Avocado: fresh 15.1 times more 6 than 3. White bread: 8.8 times more 6 than 3. Chicken: cooked 8.4 times more 6 than 3. Beef mince: 7.5 times more 6 than 3.

Below is where Vegans and Vegetarians come unstuck with heart disease and other western society diseases, by consuming large amounts of nuts, seeds, nut butters or simply the polyunsaturated oil they cook with. This is all done in good faith with the belief of supposed high quality health. Nuts Peanuts: raw 5,206 times more Omega 6 to Omega 3. Pine nuts: 3,004 times more 6 to 3. Almonds: raw 2,010 times more 6 to 3. Brazil nuts: raw 1,144 times more 6 to 3. Sunflower seeds: 311 times more 6 to 3. Cashews: 128 times more 6 to 3. Pumpkin seeds: 114 times more 6 to 3. The current research shows these two very important essential fatty acids that we must derive from food sources should be a 4 to 1 ratio. Taking a look at all the quality foods above they all carry high nutritional properties, that is not the issue, it’s the fat ratio and the damage that happens overtime to the body through an over indulgence of the inflammatory omega-6. The healthiest ratio are: Macadamia nuts at 6.2 times more Omega 6 to Omega 3. Walnuts at 4.2 times more 6 to 3. Hemp oil at 4.0 times more 6 to 3.

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