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Live and Dry Blood Analysis – Explained – My Life Blood – Maria Waldock

Live and Dry Blood Analysis – Explained – My Life Blood – Maria Waldock… Maria Waldock from My Life Blood shares her expertise, experience and knowledge in the field of Pathology to Explain what a Live and Dry Blood Analysis is. Maria Waldock Live & Dry Blood Analyst – Founder – My Life Blood (Dip. App. Sc. – Pathology) Maria began her training as a Technical Officer in Pathology some 27 years ago at Tighes Hill Technical College in Newcastle. Working primarily in research at both The David Maddison Clinical Sciences Building and The Royal Newcastle Hospital, Maria’s experience and understanding of the importance of health at a cellular level spans various pathology modalities including microbiology, immunology, heamatology, biochemistry and histology. In 2001, Maria accepted a position managing a busy private laboratory in Sydney which specializes in assessing health status from a holistic perspective. This shift in perspective ignited Maria’s desire to learn more about holistic health improvement and what can be achieved in life with health improvement. Moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland in early 2005 gave Maria the opportunity to open her own busy consultation service — My Life Blood Enterprises. Maria’s highly sought after consultation service specializes in both Live and Dry Blood Analysis and also incorporates the element of ABO and Rhesus blood typing. Maria’s belief and passion in life strongly revolves around this specialized form of health evaluation which brings a clearer awareness to individuals regarding their own personal health status. Maria continues to be actively involved in independent research projects bringing further knowledge to the holistic health industry through her specialised blood analysis. The results of a number of these research studies have been published internationally. Maria also devotes her time to educating people through health awareness seminars sharing valuable information on such topics as the body’s natural needs and wholefoods with a focus on self-responsibility and what can be achieved by accessing the body’s own healing potential within. “What I believe is vital for all individuals to begin the health improvement journey, is to first of all understand where we are in relation to ‘Health’. Once we understand this, we have valuable information that gives us clear direction on what we need to address. We can improve our health if we choose and embracing personal responsibility is part of this. When we consciously make the choice to take responsibility we are more able to access our body’s own incredibly powerful healing potential and that is an unlimited potential we all have within”. Maria’s understanding of this fundamental aspect of health improvement on every level has stemmed from her own personal health journey experiencing first-hand the body’s incredible healing ability and what can be achieved when it simply has what it needs to do exactly what it is designed to do – to heal. Maria can be reached through her website:

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