Healthy from the inside out…boost your health and prevent disease with Roslyn.


Become a Team Member ~ Create Time Freedom & Financial Independence

Become a Team Member ~ Create Time Freedom & Financial Independence

Welcome to the SeneSationals
SeneGence International Cosmetic Team

Are you fulfilled in your current employment or have you ever dreamed of owning your own business, where you are your own boss, can work from home, work the hours that suit you, plus build a strong team of women who embrace the same ideals as you and earn an income where effort is financially rewarded ??

Joining my personal Team the SeneSationals you will become part of the fastest growing cosmetic company, with loads of training, incentives & personal rewards.

I have complied a range of video’s to assist you in gaining knowledge of the SeneGence Company and just how easy it is to build and grow your own

LOLOL Roslyn xoxox

Roslyn Uttleymoore Independent Distributor for SeneGence International

ID# 186956


  1. Delores

    How would a UK resident get started? Have you got a catalogue? Is there anything nasty/bad for the skin/health in your products? For example parabens!
    Thanking you in advance for your response.

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