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36 LipSense Color Chart

36 LipSense Color Chart

“WOW” “OMG”…….. What an AMAZING time to be involved with SeneGence the company that produces LipSense lip color, the HOTTEST cosmetic item on the plant.

SeneGence grew 2000% in the past 12 months, and has over 160,000 distributors in America, the other good news is here in Australia we only have between 3 and 4,ooo active distributors, so now is the time to join up and start building your own team of Lippy Lovers.

The thing with SeneGence is, it is easy to be involved, simply pay a $55 yearly fee to become a member and you choose how you create your account, either by becoming a personal shopper, receiving a minimum 20% discount off each purchase you make, with no monthly autoship orders or earn some money as a part time career or jump in boots and all, join up girls on your team, earn commissions, and make retail profits from sales of product.

Our company discounts start at 20% and move to 30% 40% and 50% depending on the amount of product you purchase.

We offer team training, support groups, sisterhood and friendship as a bonus.

Due to the ENORMOUS demand on our product, (the USA simply can’t keep stock on the shelves) we have reduced our LipSense color range to 36 of the most AMAZING colors.

LipSense, SeneGence, Roslyn Uttleymoore,

Join my Team at SeneGence LipSense CLICK Here to become a personal shopper or place your order

LipSense, SeneGence, Roslyn Uttleymoore,

36 LipSense Color Chart CLICK here to visit Website to join or order your own Lippy

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