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Whole Foods Markets Honolulu Hawaii

Whole Foods Markets Honolulu Hawaii

After a 9 hour flight from Brisbane Queensland Australia, we jumped in a taxi and headed for Whole Foods Markets Honolulu Hawaii, to show you all the local fresh fruits and vegetables, plus the fragrant island coffee’s. You will love the assortment of fruity take away’s, 2EZY to grab a box of fresh island pineapple, papaya and other mixed fruity treats. I loved seeing the tropical flowers, and simply being amongst fresh food gives me a buzz, I hope you enJOY the short video we filmed while we were there.  


    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Teniel :) So pleased you liked our Whole Foods Market video, we went there straight from the airport, with limited time we so wanted to go to the market :) Box ticked (y) Home on Kauai now, sliding into island time, will enJOY the Friday 13th FULL moon tonight :) LOL R&J xoxo

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Chris :) Mahalo for your support and encouraging comments, I truly appreciate it :) We have got some idea’s and project that we will be filming while we are here, we also have a trip planned to Kona on Big Island to film the place where Spirulina and Astaxanthin are grown, and include an interview with Bob Capelli the guy who wrote the book on it.
      Thank you of taking the time to leave your comment, LOL Roslyn

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