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Welcome To

Welcome To

It is late at night, it has been a long week trying to get this website up and LIVE before Jim and I head off to Kauai Hawaii. I know that anyone who has launched their own website knows that there are always last minute glitches and hitches. With enthusiasm and excitement to launch I am prepared to be exposed in a Raw fashion and trust you will be my friends and partners, sharing the evolution of this site. My intention is set to make this site a fun place to visit on a regular bases, I see it as an extension and yet a part of the social media phenomenon Facebook. I truly desire this website to be savvy, smart, informative [with out being heavy and boring], colourful and moving both emotionally and physically, I would love it to be a meeting place for like minded people wanting to be entertained, informed and inspired. Exploring my passion for photography, [both still and video] food and travel, will see the content of the website filled with colour, flavour and  rhythm. I ask you to jump on board as I add the content, with up to date Blogs, Recipes, Video’s, and Photographs, plus another fun aspect of this website is you can leave your comments on everything I post, which I encourage, welcome and look forward to. Adding a regular Newsletter, that will be filled with uplifting, newsy, topical & tropical features, recipes, new fruits and foody discoveries will be guaranteed to keep you entertained. Simply click on the newsletter subscribe button to become a part of our team. enJOY Roslyn xo


  1. Mandy Napier

    Congratulations Roslyn on getting your website up. That is great news and I know for one we will be excited to access all your amazing information, recipes and nutrition tips – you have amazing knowledge in the nutritional and health fields. Have a fab time in Hawaii and catch a wave for me!

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Gaby :) Thank you for Loving my new website, I look forward to sharing our updates, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to get all our Exciting Newsletters and check in for our Blogs :) I will be posting them on FB so I know you won’t miss out LOLOLOL R&J xoxox

  2. Maria

    Ros ~ What can I say?…Words really can not do justice to the feeling of gratitude I have for your guidance since our first meeting so many years ago. Your passion for life has always shone through and I know the truth and honesty you live every day has gifted SO many to move forward on their individual journeys…I know it has for me and I am truly grateful for your presence in my life. Your new website is yet another amazing facet to your passion for living in HAPPINESS…THANK YOU for sharing it with us all….We ALL are in for a wonderful positive gift and many spectacular photos along the way no doubt! Much Love xoxo

    1. Roslyn

      Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo From my Heart to yours beautiful woman <3 Love you so deeply, we certainly have share many highs and lows along our journey together and I am grateful for every single moment, you have gifted me in so many ways. We are mirrors to each other :) Thank you for being there for me in so many ways, so many times, thank you for never being too busy, what you offer is true friendship in every sense of the word. ALOHA Nui Loa sister xoxoxox LOLOLOL Roslyn xoxoxoxox

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