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Weekly Inspirational Quotes – Week 2/52

Weekly Inspirational Quotes – Week 2/52

Happy Monday Morning, here is the Weekly Inspirational Quotes РWeek 2/52 hope you enJOY them, Share them and most of all gain some Inspiration and enthusiasm for life. Roslyn





Have you taken your daily vitamins, Inspirational messages, Inspirational quotes, Roslyn Uttleymoore,


Repeat after me I deserve perfect health, Weekly Inspirational Messages,  Inspirational quotes, Roslyn Uttleymoore,


Some-people-are-going-to-reject-you-simply-because-you-shine-too-bright-for-them.-And-thats-ok-Keep-Shining, Roslyn Uttleymoore, Weekly Inspirational


Poor-health-is-not-caused-by-something-you-dont-have-it-is-caused-by-disturbing-something-you-already-have.-Dean-Ornish, Roslyn Uttleymoore,



At-first-theyll-ask-you-Why-youre-doing-it-later-theyll-ask-you-How-you-did-it-, Roslyn Uttleymoore,



Good-Health-takes-work-effort-it-is-worth-it-, Roslyn Uttleymoore

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