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Waipa Music and Mango Festival

Waipa Music and Mango Festival

Waipa Music and Mango Festival is held annually at Hanalei Bay KauaiĀ The Waipa Music and Mango Festival, an event organized by the Waipa Foundation, takes place in mid-August, it was such a fun day, at the Halulu Fishpond, we got to experience a range of local artists, musicians, great local food and admire the wares of local artisans and craft people.

Tasting all the local varieties of mango was a definite highlight of the day along with live Hawaiian music and hula both of which always touch my heart.

With a strong mango theme throughout the day, unsurprisingly, there were mango samplings and a mango recipe contest, as well as a competition to find the biggest mango.

Added to the fun and food we had a chance to see cultural displays and take the opportunity to learn about all things Hawaiian.

I have included a short video we captured while we were there, featuring the Napali Trio who kept us entertained with a great song called Hanalei Blues plus a beautiful heart felt segment of hula.

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