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This is my time to Shine

This is my time to Shine

This is my time to shine For those of you who know me, know that I have taken myself out of the public arena for two and a half years, after leaving our health retreat Aloha Mana in Buderim. Having committed myself to assisting others on their journey’s to health, it was time for me to rest, relax, recharge and renew. I will begin with something someone said to me when I was writing my About piece for my website and other social media pages, they said nobody wants to hear what a fabulous, amazing life you have had, in fact they will only hate you for it, sadly for a time I believed them, and dimmed my light for others. But, I have learned that it is never O.K. to dim your light so others are comfortable in their darkness. I have re-invented my careers more times than anybody I know, and the feeling is still the same, I feel the fire in my belly, and never doubt the direction I feel compelled to take, and my paths have been wide and varied, from having a blast in the 70′s & 80′s being involved in the top young fashion labels, Esprit, Ojay, Cue, to name a few, moving on to create the most exciting photographic studio, setting a path for others to follow, in being the first to be able to transform women through the use of make up, hair design and complimentary, flattering photography, now know as a make-over. I was also so very fortunate to be able to work/play with my gorgeous brides as a wedding photographer. My studio allowed such diversity to develop, enabling me to work in the field of photographic journalism, having my work published in many well know magazines and newspapers. Whilst enjoying my career as a photographer, I explored the realm of Reiki and became a Reiki master. It was time to move to Queensland giving myself yet another career change, I took some time off, but that didn’t last long before I was catapulted head first into learning and teaching massage, becoming a qualified remedial massage therapist, specialising in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. With this qualification I was able to have the privilege to work in palliative care, giving comfort to some of the most incredible people, for this I will be forever grateful. During this time I experience my first colonic, and weird as it might be, I knew that was my next path, and Aloha Mana Health retreat was born. During our time their I was able to develop so many other wonderful adventures, holding regular meditation classes every week for 4 or so years, being the first to create a raw food teaching class on the sunshine coast paving the way for the explosion of what is now an every day and readily available food choice for many. Creating a sacred space for others during retreat weekends and classes was another magical opportunity to learn. Although not a career, taking up surfing at the age of 55 was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever, the connection of oneness with the ocean, would need a whole seperate Blog to describe, needless to say I will leave this for another time, other than to say it added to the fire in my belly to embrace life fully and completely. I recently read an article by Mary T Wagner [author ~ 'Why the Hell not'] she used a term to describe her career ‘Caromed Serendipitously’ before you go running to the dictionary, it means to strike & rebound ~ occurring and discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way, it was the perfect description for my next career. My girlfriend of many years gifted me a lipstick for Christmas, and I guess the rest they will say is history. I was completely and utterly in love with this product, now I know the girls out there will understand just how vitally important a good lippy is, so when you find a GREAT lippy you want to know more. That is exactly what I have done, I have researched, tested and pulled this lipstick apart, inside out and upside down and can’t fault it in any way. it simply ticks all the boxes, it stays on from 4~18 hours, never covering your teeth, never staining your coffee cup, wine glass or drink bottle, never coming off on your clothes did I mention it was completely kissable ?? It is vegan, kosher, gluten free, lead free, no chemical waxes, in fact no chemicals, it is a sun protection, moisturising and healing for your lips. Better still it has the best colors ever, plus a range of glosses to live for !! So the fire in my belly is reignited with the passion with a great lippy. My journey begins with a ‘Saturday Soiree’ to introduce this to the women in my life, some of whom I have not met yet, but my mantra for this year is ‘to welcome inspirational, motivated and most importantly enthusiastic women, who aren’t afraid to shine. My usual sign off was LOL which I interpreted as Lot’s of Love, other’s thought it might have meant Laugh out Loud, or Lot’s of Laughter, now I see it as Lot’s Of Lippy ~ Roslyn

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