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Roslyn Uttleymoore – Photographer

Roslyn Uttleymoore – Photographer

Just the other day I received a Friend request from Facebook, which I accepted happily, as it was from one of my brides, that I had photographed and captured her special day 20 years ago !! As a photographer I was fortunate to meet so many people, Monica was one such bride that stayed in my memory. Her generous and quite overwhelming comments, describing my contribution to her wedding day, had me back there sharing her special celebration all over again. Thank you Monica, for giving me a chance to revisit a very unique time of my life. I trust the next 20+ years are happy ones for you. LOL Roslyn

Hello Roslyn. I imagine that you would never remember me but on the Eve of my husband and i’s 20th wedding anniversary I was reflecting back and thought of our beautiful, funny, talented and amazing photographer that captured one of the happiest days of my life. I am ‘almost’ 100% sure I have the right Roslyn Uttleymoore, so if you are I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You look even more beautiful than you did 20 years ago and so incredibly happy. Here’s a snap of the happiest moment of my life, that you captured. Oceans of love to you Roslyn. X

Roslyn Uttleymoore Photographer


    1. Roslyn

      Hi Claire :) nice to hear from you to :) It sure gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to reconnect with Monica, she was so generous with her thoughts and words, nice to know, we really can make a difference :) LOL Roslyn

  1. Rosemary

    Dear Roslyn, I have a baby photo that I found in my mothers album. The photo has the number 30 written in the centre of your ID seal, and looks like it is a baby boy taken in a hospital nursery ward. Is it possible to identify the baby’s mothers name who ordered the photo. Hope you can identify the photo for us.

    1. Roslyn

      Hi Rosemary, WOW this is a blast from the past, I was a photographer in Bega NSW from 1987-97 and took photo’s of the new born babies. I doubt I would be able to recognise the baby, but I am happy to give it a try. If you would like to email me a copy to I’ll have a look for you. Please give me any details you know, like names and dates if you have them. LOLOL R xoxo

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