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Newsletter –

Newsletter –

Aloha from Kauai, what a thrill is was to produce our Newsletter again, I admit I am a social media addict and just love to connect with other like minded people around the world, hopefully inspiring and uplifting others to perhaps make some changes in their life to gain the benefit from eating a plant based diet , getting some regular exercise and enJOYing healthy & happy thoughts. Jim and I love making our videos to spread the message of all of the above, a lot of people these days have access to Youtube along with all the facets of social media, our aim is to reach as many people as we can. Not every one enJOYs to troll through wordy newsletters, frankly who has the time and who really cares ?? Our intention is to send out a regular brief, newsletter sharing  fun and information to inspire. It has also been an opportunity to reconnect with many of my clients from the past with has been fantastic, thank you to every one that took the time to comment and share your thoughts, I really did appreciate your time. LOL Roslyn & Jim Here is the link to the Newsletter if you have not yet subscribed

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