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Introducing Vegsource and other Aloha News

Introducing Vegsource and other Aloha News

Aloha from Kauai, Jim and I have had the most fantastic time here this summer, we have had the most unique opportunities come our way, firstly being able to interview Jeff Nelson from the hugely well known website Vegsource that hosts the likes of Dr John McDougall, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr Joel Fuhrman to name a few of the top men in the medical field offering a healthy viewpoint on dealing with disease. Being able to interview Jeff was a joy as he gave so generously of his time and knowledge sharing information on both a personal and professional level, information I just know you will want to hear about. He gave us so much information in fact I have been able to put together a series of 6 video’s. Unfortunately our island internet is sadly letting the team down, and it is taking me 12 hours and more to upload a 4 minute video, and even then after 12 hours it will fail to load !!! I am extremely frustrated that I can’t post these video’s, but I will keep trying, so make sure you view them when they finally make it to your screen. I am including the first 3 of the video series, that did make it to the upload stage.

Since posting this Blog, the internet has been extremely kind to us and I have been able to upload the full series of video’s for you to view.

The next awesome experience we have had was going to Kona on The Big Island of Hawaii to film at the headquarters of Cyanotech, home of Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina and Hawaiian Natural Astaxathin, both food products Jim and I have eaten, promoted, made recipes for, inspired many others to include in their lifestyles and loved as it is responsible along with our healthy lifestyle to enable us to live a vital, alive, active life. To be standing at the edge of a pond full of Spirulina and Astaxathin was a dream come true. Once again the Aloha Spirit flowed as Dr Gerry Cysewski the founder of Cyanotech and Bob Capelli Vice president of the company, took valuable time away from their day to share their vast knowledge and experience on Spirulina and Astaxanthin, sharing scientific research data freely. Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina, Cyanotech, Microrganics, Green Nutritionals, Roslyn Uttleymoore   Hawaiian Natural Astaxathin, Cyanotech, Hawaiina Pacifica Spirulina, Microrganics, Green Nutritionals, Roslyn Uttleymoore,Cyanotech, Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina, Hawaiian Natural Astaxanthin, Bob Capelli, Dr Gerry Cysewski, Roslyn Uttleymoore We have hours of footage to make into the most amazing information packed video’s including footage taking you from the pond to the plate and everything in between, you will get a very true sense of being right there in Hawaii. Sadly with the island internet, we will all have to wait until I am back in my office at home in Australia before these video’s will get to air, for all the Spirulina and Astaxathin lovers,I promise they will be worth the wait. Getting suited up to harvest a bee hive was more fun than I could ever had imagined. This was just another opportunity that came up, thanks to our very dear friends and the providers of our island food abundance John and Nandie Wooten. It was at their organic farm at Moloa’a that I was able to get up close and personal with a hive full of the most Aloha filled bees as they buzzed around my face. The sensation of being surrounded by these gentle creatures was a BUZZ !! hearing their sound and feeling their energy to intimately was an experience I can only recommend if you ever get the chance. After harvesting the hive, it was back to the Wooten’s to spin the honey from the frame, and the pure joy in tasting the sweet honey nectar directly from the waxy honey comb. I have got some incredible footage that will give you that up close and personal experience, once I get to some full force internet. Harvesting Honey from the hive at John and Nandie Wooten's organic farm Moloa'a Kauai Roslyn Uttleymoore     Roslyn Uttleymoore Harvesting Honey from the hive at John and Nandie Wooten's organic farm Moloa'a Kaua   I hope you are enJOYing our updates on our new website, please click the subscribe button to ensure you don’t miss out on sharing any news. LOL Aloha from Roslyn


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