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Good Beautiful Morning from Kauai

Good Beautiful Morning from Kauai

Good Beautiful Morning from Kauai :) Aloha Beautiful people, Finally waking up in my heart  land. after a few days of travelling, crossing time zones, packing and unpacking, it is pure joy to be HOME. Travelling can be hard not the body, lack of water, bad plane food, lack of exercise, stale airport air and lack of sleep cam all take its toll. Being prepared is a vital factor in making the trip an enJOYable one. There is no way on the planet I will eat plane food ever !! I packed fruit, and some celery to see us thru the journey. Making sure we drank as much water as possible, and enJOYing my own green tea bags that I had packed. Exercise is limited to a few  trips around the plane aisles, and getting as much sleep as possible under the conditions.   Tasty treats to eat, apples, banana’s, celery sticks, persimmons [I had these frozen in my freezer, thawed out perfectly for the trip, I did add some chia seeds and maca powder} Roslyn Utteymoore, Apples, Banana's, Celery. flying Hawaiian Air, Kauai Hawaii     P1040750   I absolutely love flying above the clouds and seeing our first Hawaiian sunrise from this angle always brings a smile to my face. Hawaiian Sunrise   Hawaiian Sunrise Hawaiian Sunrise   P1050769     It really is 2EZY to eat healthily when travelling, with no need to eat the plane food, with just a little preparation and effort,  we have arrived with out Jet lag, swollen ankles, or any of the other things that can happen to our bodies 33,000 ft up in the sky :) Hope you enJOYed my first of many ROZBLOGS :) please leave your comments and questions below. Until the next Blog Aloha Roslyn :)


  1. Gary Bell

    Hi Guys,
    Good to see the new website up and running.
    Also glad to see you are safe and sound back in paradise – it sure is a lovely place (photographers delight).
    Holler if you need anything back here in ‘Paradise No 2′.
    Have a fabulous time and take care.

    Gary Bell

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Gary:) What a lovely surprise to hear from you, so pleased you are connecting in :) I agree it sure is a photographers delight in so many ways, if you stay in touch, you will get to see what we get up to.
      Thank you of keeping an eye on things at home, appreciate that :)
      LOL Roslyn & Jim xo

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