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Flowers, Fragrance and Friendship

Flowers, Fragrance and Friendship

When we arrived at Honolulu airport, the customs guard toting a huge gun on his belt, told us our visa was 8 hours over the limit, and we would have to rebook our flight home to an earlier date, to avoid a black mark on our visa, which may result in not being allowed back in the country !! We have spent the past day tripping back to the airport, emailing home to out travel agent and generally not relaxing into island time, the trip to Hawaiian Air at the airport and the meeting with the attendant was shattering, as they told us we would have to pay almost the full fare again to change the dates, can you believe that !! Anyway LONG story short, looks like we have been able to resolve the mix up with a minimum fee and we will be coming home a few days earlier . After spending the bulk of the day sorting this problem, we visited friends who filled our day with fragrance, flowers and friendship. Aloha is a word that has true meaning here on Kauai, the gifts of flowers is a pure JOY to me, it reflects the abundance that the island itself gives freely, you are never without the fragrance of Plumeria or Frangipani as we know it in Australia, Gardenia’s, Gingers plus so many more. We were gifted with a huge bowl of the sweetest gardenia’s from our fiends garden, and a plumeria lei from Nandie and John Wooten, when we visited to collect our fresh organic fruits and veg, which included, kale, bok choy, cabbage, lychees, lemons, Ulu – Bread fruit, the sweetest, creamiest papaya’s you will ever taste, 3 or 4 varieties of banana’s, egg plant and one spectacular egg fruit, which when ripe I will show you, believe me out apartment is filled with fragrance, flowers and friendship. Until the next ROZBLOG Aloha  Roslyn     Hawaiian Lei   Hawaiian Gardenia, Fragrant Banana's, Ulu, Breadfruit, Egg fruit, Egg plant, cabbage lychee's   Papaya, paw paw, lemons


  1. Jennifer

    What a thing to deal with right from the start! I hope it’s sorted now and the rest of your time will be nothing but wonderful. The abundance sounds nothing short of heaven.
    Blessings and smooth going here on out

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Jennifer :) laying out under my favourite tree by the ocean, working on my tan :) went out early to get some more sweet creamy papayas about to drop my body in the ocean :) LOL Have a GR8 day Roslyn

  2. Maria

    So wonderful to be with you in spirit on your journey Roslyn…many smiles have crossed my face in the last few days…THANK YOU for sharing this journey with us all xo

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha gorgeous woman :) keep those smiles coming :) :) Mahalo for sharing :) laying under my fav tree working on the tan :) letting you know Kane and wahine are still enJOYing their island home you gave the :) about to drop this body in the ocean :) have a look at our new vid, shows you the view from the plane as you approach Kauai, Jim said you would cry !! tears of JOY :) LOLOLOL R&J xoxoxxo

    1. Roslyn

      Hi Gaby :) It sure was a balls up, all for 8 hours, anyway Sandra got it sorted :) Let me know what you think of the movie, shame I’m not there to go with you :( enJOY your beautiful days LOLOLOL Aloha R&J xoxoxo

      1. gaby

        enjoyed the clothes.The mvie was a bit disappointing .It was just a short chapter in her life Nicole was ok but not her best.
        having a cold spell but days are very clear & crisp.Bit hard to get out of bed at 5.30
        your videos bring back very many happy memories
        love Gaby

        1. Roslyn

          Aloha Gaby :) Sorry i wasn’t there to see the movie with you :( I might have to wait until my friend can get me a copy.
          You are a legend getting out at 5:30, are you going for a walk in the dark ??
          So pleased you are enJOYing the video’s, that will be it for a little while, I will be posting some pics in the morning on the Blog.
          Jim and I went to Lydgate park today to see how it recovered from the reconstruction mess a couple of years ago, seems to be in better shape, but no where near as good as it was, remember when we floated across from one pool to the other ?? you can’t do that now. But still it is a safe place for kids and very beautiful.
          We are just kicking back, relaxing into island time, heading down to calm cove for a swim every morning, before breakfast on the balcony, then we decide what we want to do for the day, which hasn’t been much, back to Papaya’s to collect some more greens for a juice and veggies at night. Will be going to the market here at the Coconut Market place on Tuesday, loving the strawberry Papaya’s and lychee’s
          We have a long walk after dinner before heading off to bed :)
          I am getting up about 5 doing my computer work, having a coffeeE and getting started for the day :)
          Sending you loads of island ALOHA R&J xoxo

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