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Fat, Fruitarian and Beyond

Fat, Fruitarian and Beyond

After years of emotional and physical chaos, never feeling good about myself, always thinking of what I could or couldn’t eat, spending every waking moment fluctuating from deciding how to accept myself, depending totally on what the scales showed me that morning  & comparing my self constantly with other women. The crazy part of that was sometimes I would feel slim because I would be with a fat person and sometimes I would feel totally shattered and fat ’cause I was with a slim person !! Work that out !!

When in fact my weight wasn’t changing, it was all going on inside my head.

The penny finally dropped when I came to realise that something had to change, and I needed to stop thinking about dealing with this weight issue and start thinking about being Healthy.

This idea and program worked for me, but the ‘what do I eat ?’ question loomed once again.

This finally became clearer and clearer as I cleansed my body and started to take certain food groups out of my diet. Starting with grains, I have to say that was the hardest, as they are so addictive then all cooked foods, I had already given up all animal foods, then it was all easy from here, the answer was staring me in the face eat FRUIT and VEGETABLES ~ nothing more nothing less.

So here I am today enjoying a most amazing life style, fit, vital, healthy and loving life.

It has taken me all of my 58 years to come to terms with this, but has all been worth it.

I now enjoy the freedom of eating what I like and as much of it as I want.

Assisting others on this journey through Nutritional Consultations was amazingly rewarding, I felt I had walked a mile in their shoes, and I could help to short cut some of the trauma associated with this dieting process

I trust this Blog will help others to move to a Better and Healthier place in their lives.

LOL Roslyn

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