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Cancer Cannot Live in a Healthy Gut

Cancer Cannot Live in a Healthy Gut

Do you think eating an organic plant based diet insures you are absorbing all the nutrients from the food ?

Probiotics would have to be the number one supplement I recommend everyone take, from birth, continuously throughout life, if you are wanting a healthy disease free body. The type of probiotic you choose is essential, as some of the big companies are making false claims in saying their products have many millions of different bacteria, but are they alive and viable ??

Nuferm is the probiotic I choose as I know the bacteria is alive, living and completely viable to my cells.

I have made a short fun video from the soil to my stomach, thank you Mahalo to Nandie and John Wooten from Wootens Organic Produce Kauai for sharing their abunDANCE with us and you :)


  1. Maria

    Right on Roslyn!! Plants…The ORIGINAL and TRUE alchemists!! ….Turning ‘lead into gold’ or rather, the much needed minerals from the soil into an edible, accessible form for us to create GOLDEN cells within our body…GREAT vid! :-)

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