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Aloha Kauai Hawaii

Aloha Kauai Hawaii

Aloha, Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Roslyn Uttleymoore and you have landed on my brand new website – my husband Jim and I will be heading back to our favourite Hawaiian island of Kauai, on Tuesday 10th June 2014 for 3 months or 90 days as our visa allows. I would love to share with you, just how when and why we love Kauai so much and why we have been going there for the past 15 years.

Both Jim and I commenced our learning in  the ancient art of Polynesian  massage in 1997 with Mette Sorensen in Queensland Australia, it was here we were introduced to Huna an ancient Hawaiian philosophy, which we gravitated to in such a natural way, and it has proven to be a stronger element in our lives to this day than the massage.

Serge Kahili King wrote many books on the subject of Huna lending his own unique shamanistic style being simplistic yet both deep and complex on many levels.Our desire to learn more was unquenchable so travelling to the Garden Island of Kauai where Serge lived and taught Huna was a no brainer for us.

We made our first trip to Kauai in 1999 to attend a training workshop, which was to become a never ending, lifetime study and dedication to Huna. Huna is in no way a cult or is it attached to any religion and yet it sits along side any belief you may have in such a complimentary way. On our first few trips to Kauai we stayed in Kapa’a and travelled daily to Princeville where Serge and his wife Gloria had their training workshops held in the Aloha International museum they had created, filled with ancient Hawaiian artefacts.

We loved our daily trips along the road that takes you from one end of the island to the other, absorbing the lush green of the mountains that surrounded our journey, a green that can only be seen and felt on Hawaii.

During these training programs, Serge often took us to explore the many and varied locations out in nature, so we got to experience the island in so many ways, taking in everything it had to offer.

We met many of the most heartfelt beautiful people, that became friends and some that remain so to this day, but to be honest it was the Aloha we felt in the pure presence of the island itself that drew us back year after year.

Kauai has such diversity to its landscape from the rugged Waimea Canyon, Napali coast, Mt. Wai ale ale, Koke’e, beaches to fill your soul with such beauty, and as I said earlier the green of the mountain ranges truly does make me cry. Add to that the tropical flowers that fill the air with exotic fragrances, unique bird life, including the famous Kauaian chickens, [that live quite contentedly amongst the people, with out any natural predators], the perfect Hawaiian weather, that never really varies that much from my ideal temperature of 80*F or around 28*C during the summer months of June – October.

Jim and I have travelled to Kauai and experienced both their winter and summer seasons, which truly do change, my preference is for their summer, as the oceans are calmer, the breezes more gentle and the sun a gorgeous degree of warmth that I adore.

We also participated in a number of Lomi Lomi massage training schools with our teacher Susan Pa’iniu Floyd, which were divine in every sense of the word.

Once completing our massage training we embarked upon teaching our own training program in Australia, which we took to a new level, including a strong Huna philosophy component, after teaching for a number of years we discontinued the massage training but continued weekly Huna meditation classes for 4 years. We did take a few dedicated students of both massage and Huna back to Kauai with us to further their training, not to mention the unique learning opportunity taking a group of people on an overseas adventure gave us.

In the mid 2000′s we decided to purchase our own place on Kauai to call home, since Kauai and the Aloha spirit flowed in our veins, we knew we would be making regular trips and this made the best financial sense, and so every year we get to embrace an endless summer swapping our although mild Queensland winter, for an Hawaiian tropical summer.

Kauai has so many unique opportunities to have fun, tubing down the lava tunnels, flying over the valleys on a flying fox, trekking the magnificent Napali coast, swimming and snorkelling with honu’s [turtles] and other tropical fish, standing under waterfalls, kayaking the vast river waterways, surfing the famous Hawaiian waves, or simply chilling out on the most exquisite tropical beaches with stunning white sand and aqua blue water.

As committed health devotes, the farmers markets on Kauai, [which there is one, somewhere on the island everyday] are the best in the world, they encapsulate the true meaning of a farmers market, where locals gather to sell their farm produced fresh tropical fruits and lush island green veggies. The produce is in such abundance, but is is essential that we be there right on the dot of 3pm [Kapa'a market] where no purchase can be made until they ring the bell or blow a whistle to start the frenzied chaos of people vying to purchase  there weekly supply’s.

Most of the produce sold at the markets is organically grown, by dedicated local farmers who work the rich red volcanic Kauaian soil, from sun up to sunset. Over the years of going to the markets we have become true friends with John and Nandie Wooten, some of you may have watched our series of video’s we have produced featuring Wootens Organic produce and their abundantly rich farm.

We reluctantly missed our yearly trip back to Kauai last year, due to selling our Health Retreat Aloha Mana and moving to our new home in Caloundra, Queensland, so we are doubly excited to be making our way back there in June.

Jim and I have been developing a stronger connection with producing our own unique style of video’s to spread the healthy message of eating and living a plant based dietary lifestyle. We feel by including interviews with other knowledgeable experienced people, sharing information on products that we feel may assist people in their own health journey, adding a fun travelogue element, and simply sharing our own sense of fun, adventure and enthusiastic zest for living, that you may feel apart of what we are doing.

Creating this brand new website will of course develop in its own unique way, being flexible to encompass all the elements of what makes Jim and I who we are, as you journey along with us, we welcome your input, comments and encouragement of what we do.

Welcome aboard our new Kauaian adventure journey, and stay tuned to regular Blogs, exciting and information filled fun video’s, simply by clicking on the subscribe button for our newsletter you will receive regular Aloha filled updates, both written and filmed.

I would love to hear your comments on our new website, please leave a message for us below.


Aloha Roslyn & Jim Uttlleymoore

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