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Aloha Hawaii!

Aloha Hawaii!

Aloha Beautiful People, I am writing this ROZBLOG laying under my favourite palm tree, ocean rolling in the back ground, sun gently warming my body as I do the only work that is important at the moment, working on my tan. I start my day early, around 4:30am enJOYing catching up on all things computer oriented, making videos, answering your fabulous comments and Facebook, having a relaxing coffeeE before sitting on the lanai – balcony to take in the gentle morning rays with a cup of Nandie Wootens Chai brew :) Today after our morning dip and sand stub we headed out to the Saturday farmers markets to get some more sweet juicy creamy papaya’s before coming back to the ocean. I have put together a video sharing our journey from Brisbane airport as we flew direct to Honolulu, it was so good not having to fly down to Sydney first, taking hours off our journey. The stop over in Honolulu was a little hectic, taking a taxi direct to Whole Foods Market to film the experience of Hawaiian Health foods, we certainly don’t miss anything on the Sunshine Coast in the way of organic, local fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, in fact I think we are spoilt for choice, with farmers markets and Kunara Organic Market place right on our back door. What I do love about the take away foods here on Honolulu – Hawaii – Kauai  are the ABC stores, they have an  assortment of pre packaged fruits, it makes it so easy to pick up a tub of papaya, pineapple or mixed melons. It was after 2pm before we could get into our room, catch up on an hours sleep, have a shower and head out to grab a huge plate of steamed veggies, [we asked for these at a Thai restaurant, and they were happy to indulge us ] then we had a fun time walking the main drag of Honolulu loving the nightly street entertainment, of course we made our way down to the beach to enJOY the stars, and the almost full moon, very romantic. An early start had us flying home to Kauai, known as the Garden island, we picked up our  car and headed home. What a lovely feeling of getting back to our base, reconnecting with people and places we have missed for 2 years. I hope you enJOY our video of our travels from one island paradise to another :)


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Aloha until the next ROZBLOG Roslyn xo

Waikiki Beach Honolulu Hawaii

Roslyn Uttleymoore, Waikiki beach, Honolulu, Hawaii,   Duke Kahanamoku’s Statue, Waikiki Beach Honolulu Hawaii P1040806  


  1. Jennifer

    Thanks again for including us in this adventure – I love seeing all the places you are – that did seem like a really lovely area you were in at the airport – peaceful.
    I’ve noticed you wearing all those fab t-shirts in your videos – with uttley foods, or eat raw, or similar things on them. How would I get an Uttley T – do you have a place to order them.
    Good Beautiful Day to you – love this!

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