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How To Prepare Bread Fruit – Ulu

How To Prepare Bread Fruit – Ulu

I make no excuses for being a dedicated foodie !! I search out the freshest, ripest, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables where ever I am, and living on Kauai Hawaii is no exception. In fact I would go as far to say, I have never and will never eat the quality of fruits that are available here. Discovering the sweet, delicious and nutritious Bread Fruit also known by its Hawaiian name of Ulu was sensational. Whist it is known as Bread FRUIT it is actually a vegetable, but then a rose by any name would smell as sweet !! I have made a short video in my Kauaian Kitchen, sharing just how easy it is to prepare the Bread fruit – Ulu, describing the flavour of it is impossible, please let this video inspire you to seek out this amazing food and try it for yourself. If you have a favourite recipe you would like to share, you are on the right spot, I would love to share your recipes with the world here on the ROZBLOG. Aloha Roslyn

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