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Ice Cream Banana’s & Egg Fruit from Kauai

Ice Cream Banana’s & Egg Fruit from Kauai

Living on a tropical island certainly has so many healthy benefits, one of which is the abundance of fresh, sweet, ripe fruit, Kauai has such a huge selection of fruit to choose from, in my latest video I have selected 2 of my favourite to share with you. Banana’s here range in size and taste, the Ice ¬†cream variety is really just one of many that I get to enjoy every day, along with Apple Banana’s that have clean almost citrusy tang, Coco banana’s that are very similar to our Cavendish, but are sweeter and still have seeds, the tiny Lady finger banana’s a simply a sweet sensation and of course the big Red banana’s are a must to have. The tropical sun allows the full sweetness to blossom in the Kauaian banana’s, combined with natural ripening these banana’s are just bursting with nutrition. What can I say about the Egg Fruit or Canistel ? Except it is worth travelling to the other side of the planet to eat it. Our friends Nandie and John Wooten grow this fruit sensation on their Anahola Organic farm and are generous enough to share a few out of season fruits with us. The sweetness is like nothing else you have ever tasted, perhaps combining maple syrup, caramel, creamy egg custard, with the texture of the richest chocolate truffle. Anyway my intention is to inspire you to seek out these tropical beauties when you can and try them, let me know if you have and what you think of them, I would love to share your fruity experience. Aloha from Kauai Roslyn ¬†


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