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How to Eat a Soursop

How to Eat a Soursop

Eating a tropical Soursop fruit in the past for me has been tedious to say the least, picking around all those seeds, to gain very little flesh, and what I did get was chewy and tough. Luckily for me and now for you, I was shown a really cool way to get the most out of a fresh ripe Soursop fruit, Nandie Wooten my good friend here on Kauai, generously shared her tips for eating this delectable tropical fruit. Nandie also uses this method when preparing watermelon with seeds along with Liliko’i or passion fruit as we know it in Australia. I prepared one at home here, after we filmed the short video, and it truly could not be easier. The thick juice that comes from the fruit is delicious, and I could see it being used in so many ways, smoothies, frozen ¬†into blocks, and salad dressings, anyway why not take a look at the video, at let me know what you think. You will also get to see the Soursop tree growing in Nandies garden. Aloha from Kauai Roslyn ¬†


  1. Maria

    GREAT video Roslyn!! ~ Thanks so much for posting! and Thank You to Nandie and John for growing such amazing food for us to learn about. We have a young soursop growing here that we are nurturing which will be a while before she fruits but how AWESOME is it to be living in such a MAGIC tropical paradise as you are!! The tropics MUST be the place for humans to live I reckon…all that abundant fruit ~ YUMMO!!

  2. Roslyn

    Aloha Maria :) We start our day with the sweetest, juiciest, creamiest Papaya’s and the most amazing Banana’s ever, they have so much flavour. I have tried to eat Soursop in the past, and have given up on the seeds and messy skin, so to be able to keep a glass of this luscious thick creamy juice in the fridge, knowing all the health benefits is AWESOME !!!
    Keep loving your precious Soursop tree LOL R&J xoxoxo

    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Kristy :) It was the first time I got to see it growing myself, impressed. I have a new found interest in the fruit, now I know how to eat it. It was such a mess to get through before I learned this little trick !
      Soursop juice everyday :)
      LOL R&J xoxox

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