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Island Moments

Island Moments

Kauai is such a beautiful island, you simply don’t have to travel far to encounter the magic. I thought I would share some of those moments. During one of our beach walks we met a local Monk seal, casually resting against a tree, they are protected here on the island, and there is a group of dedicated people, who come out and rope of the area, to prevent people from sitting on them or doing equally stupid things !! Monk Seal Monk Seal, Kauai Monk Seal Kauai What a gorgeous Full Moon Kauai Style :) Full Moon.   I just love these little critters that make the most intriguing sounds – Gekko Kauai, gekko Kauai, Gekko Kauai, Gekko Lydgate Beach Park offers a safe ocean pool area, protected from the often rough surf, it is a great place for kids. Kauai,Lydgate Beach Park, Roslyn Uttleymooe Kauai, Lydgate Beach Park, Roslyn Uttleymoore


    1. Roslyn

      Aloha Gaby :) 23 is our over night temp :) 28*-30* during the day,with cooling trade winds, the ocean is a very pleasant 26* haven’t been south to the surf yet, will be sure to post some pics when we do, LOLOLOL R&J xoxox

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