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Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas

The Coffee Enemas can be an important, easy to administer, cost effective, relaxing DIY treatment to add to any healthy lifestyle program. I personally have included a daily coffee enema for a number of years. Coffee Enemas assist in many ways to maintain my health.

I have outlined the FAQ’s about Coffee Enema, along with simple answers. I have also included a few video’s for you to browse at you leisure, explaining and demonstrating ‘How To Do Your Own Coffee Enema’, ‘How To Make The Coffee Enema Solution’, both using the Gerson method and a quick version, I have included some testimonials you might find interesting. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view video’s.

I trust this Blog on Coffee Enemas will asset you in your own personal journey of health.

If you have any questions please leave your comments below for me to answer.

LOL Roslyn


Coffee Enema’s would have to be one of the most underestimated treatments [in assisting a person] to reach a higher level of health and healing.

It is also a treatment that is fundamentally misunderstood. By applying the use of a coffee enema and not changing your diet to include juices and potassium rich broths, fruits and vegetables is of little or no benefit to your health.

Although they can be used for relief of migraine headaches and serve as a useful treatment if you have over indulged in the wrong types of food and drink.

Coffee enema’s were discovered and developed by Dr. Max Gerson around 1930’s, he used them [as his daughter Charlotte Gerson still does to this day, in her clinic in the United States] in conjunction with juices and a strict diet and lifestyle regime to assist terminally ill patients.

The basic principle of Coffee enema’s is based on years of documented scientific research and experience.

Here are some answers to the FAQ’s pertaining to Coffee Enemas

  1. What is the difference between drinking coffee and taking a rectal coffee enema ?

A coffee enema causes the bile ducts in the liver to open, therefore releasing bile and toxins into the blood stream.

Drinking coffee causes the bile ducts to close, causing congestion in the liver.

This has been proven by medical research, where an endoscope was used to view the exact effect the coffee had on the liver in both applications.

  1. What is the actual physical effect [of a coffee enema] on the body ?

When you introduce 1 litre of prepared coffee into your colon via the rectum, the combination of caffeine, theophyline and theobromine in the coffee are absorbed from the colon through the hemorrhoidal vein [which carries the caffeine to the portal system, then to the liver] this stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts.

Bile flow is increased, along with the number of conjugated toxins in the bile.

This is due to the activity of other substances in the coffee, [Palmitates] which activate the enzyme system Glutathione-S-transferase several fold.

This enzyme system, which is selenium dependent is responsible for grabbing toxins, free radicals, and bilirubins [break down of red blood cells] and conjugating them [or detoxifying them and making them water soluble] before delivery to the bile for elimination.

The coffee is absorbed into the mesenteric vein, then taken up by the portal vein which serves the liver directly.

The enema does not pass into the systemic circulation.

The enema is retained for 15 minutes during which time it stimulates the liver cells to cleanse the blood, removing toxins.

The entire blood circulation will be recycled through the liver about five times during this period enabling a thorough cleanse.

With the bile ducts dilated a flushing of toxic bile is encouraged which enters the gastrointestinal tract.

The mopping up of free radicals effectively inhibits the formation of carcinogens and therefore this enzyme performs a protective role against cancer.

The coffee enema is unsurpassed in it’s capacity to stimulate the flushing of toxic bile or bile that has been loaded with toxins by the glutathione-S-transferace system and it has literally been a lifesaver to many thousands of people under going extreme detoxification.

Coffee enemas increase  liver filtering, greatly aiding the livers ability to remove serum toxins.

The large volume of fluid retained in the lower colon stimulates peristaltic activity which ensures the propulsion of bile through the intestine to the outside via the rectum.

It is important to remember that the enema is given for the stimulation of the liver and not for the function of the intestines.

  1. When and How often should I use a Coffee Enema ?

Coffee enemas should be used in conjunction with a cleansing diet program. More specifically using the strict guidelines set out by the Gerson Clinic.

If you have cancer or are wanting to address a health issue, please seek advise of a reputable practitioner.

The frequency and number of coffee enemas applied obviously depend upon the degree of toxic burden and the rate of it’s release into the system.

The use of coffee enema’s on a detoxification program enables patients to progress at a faster rate than they would normally have been able to, as extremely toxic symptoms can be experienced on a comparatively mild cleanse and without the use of coffee enema’s people are often tempted to give up the treatment.

If you are introducing a daily coffee enema, I would recommend doing the treatment in the morning, as this time is usually the most natural bodily rhythm of evacuation.

Coffee enema’s taken later in the day may cause sleep disturbances.

This information is simply a guideline and overview for better health.

As a general treatment the use of a daily coffee enema in combination with a juice, potassium broth, vegetables and fruit diet program, will assist the detoxification effect.

If you are taking more than 1 coffee enema daily, then space them @ 4 hourly intervals.

I am often asked what coffee is best – a Light or a Medium Roast ??
Here is the answer directly from the Gerson Institute.

1) The Gerson Therapy calls for a medium roast coffee, not a light roast. The difference and purpose for coffee enemas between the varying roasts of coffee is primarily the caffeine content, not palmatates. The lighter roast will have more caffeine, therefore a darker roast will have less. The medium roast was found to have the appropriate amount of caffeine for patients, and not too stimulating for a majority of them.

2) There may not necessarily be a difference in the benefits of the light roast vs. medium roast. However, there is a difference in the caffeine content as I previously mentioned. Some patients have previously ordered coffee from the S.A. Wilson company which offers a light roast coffee. Unfortunately, the higher caffeine content tends to bother some patients who are sensitive to caffeine. This may result in disruption of sleep, hyperactivity, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. and for these reasons we suggest the medium roasted coffees.

3) We have not done any independent studies on any aspects of the Gerson Therapy, including the palmatates in coffee. This is primarily because of funding and we do not have the resources to run such a study. We are currently focused on ensuring patients are able to use the Gerson Therapy, educating them enough to do so, and follow-up with patients who are currently using it. Our study focus is on how patients are recovering and their rate of success, not on any individual aspect of the treatment.

I hope this information is helpful, and please let me know if you need any other information.

Warm Regards,

Kayla Courtney
Education Department Specialist
Gerson Institute
P.O. Box 161358
San Diego, CA 92176
Phone: 858.694.0707 ext. 117
Fax: 858.694.0757

Contra Indications

When should you not do a coffee enema ?

If there is any bleeding, and or ulceration in the colon, hypertension, tachycardia, cardiac, respiratory or renal insufficiency.

What you will need:

1 enema kit, includes enema canister, tube, clamp, catheter.

2 tablespoons Organic fine ground Coffee

Coffee plunger or glass jug and strainer,1liter  filtered Water

Tissues, Lubricant, Clock, Towels, Pillows (for your comfort)

What to do:

Boil filtered water, place 2 tbsp. of Coffee in plunger and add boiling water, allow to cool to body temp.

Prepare your bathroom, you will need to be close to a toilet.

The enema canister needs to be hung approx 1 meter above your body, the liquid is gravity fed.

Make sure the clamp is closed before you fill the canister.

Make yourself comfortable with towels and pillows, you might like to use an old towel as you may have some leakage.

Fill the canister, lay down, apply lubricant to the catheter, insert catheter into your anus, unclamp tube and allow approx 50ml of liquid to flow into the colon, close the clamp.

Continue to insert further liquid until you feel comfortable.

Every person is different, the amount of liquid you can hold will vary from person to person, and even then depending on when you have used your bowels last will determine how much liquid you will be able to hold.

The objective is to hold up to 1 litre of liquid (or as much as you are comfortable holding) for approx. 12  to 15 minutes.

When you feel the need to expel the liquid, close the clamp, remove the catheter, and use the toilet.

Stay there until you have cleared all the liquid.

If you have not used all the liquid in the canister you may go back and insert more a number of times.

Cleaning your Enema kit:

Using hot soapy water, wash all your equipment thoroughly. Rinse with hot water.

Be aware this equipment should not be shared.

Place your Enema kit in an appropriate bag and store in a dry, clean place.

Coffee Enemas are such a beneficial treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want to do them.

If you are stimulated by caffeine I suggest you do these treatments in the morning , any later and it may keep you awake.

Gerson Coffee Enema Method

This method makes enough liquid for 8 coffee enema’s

Boil approx. 1 litre of filtered or distilled water in a large stainless steel or glass pot

Take water off the heat and add 2 cups of organic ground coffee

Stir coffee into the water and place  pot back on a low heat.

[ be very careful to stir the coffee and water and keep your eye on it at all times, as it is can overflow very fast]

Boil for 3 mins. then simmer for a further 20 mins. this method releases more of the active ingredients in the coffee.

Strain and transfer remaining liquid to a container, and add more filtered or distilled water to make a total of 2 litres. Keep this liquid in the fridge.

This then makes 8 x 250ml concentrates for the enema’s ~ which you then add a further 750ml water to make 1 litre.

When administrating the enema, Gerson advises you lay on your right side in the fetal position, they believe this enables a more effective delivery of liquid into the colon.


  1. Jennifer

    Thank you Roslyn for this valuable information. It is easy to understand and makes the whole process very clear and easy. I believe this is part of reaching optimal health, and I appreciate how you have presented it.
    Thanks again

    1. Roslyn

      Thank you – Mahalo [Thank you in Hawaiian] I am so pleased you like it, I promise it will never resemble your average website, my vision is for it to be my personal extension of social media, free and easy to be involved, interactive and most of all fun and inspirational. It would be so good if you SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter, guaranteed to be filled with ALOHA LOL Roslyn xoxo

    2. Roslyn

      Hi Jen :) So Happy you can relate to the Coffee Enema information, it is a practice I have integrated into my life for a number of years
      both personally and professionally. I truly believe it contributes to optimal health, when combined with a plant based lifestyle low in fat.
      I look forward to sharing more with you LOL Roslyn xo

  2. Pete

    Is there a recommended water pH to use? I have read in different articles that the large intestine varies from pH 5.5 to 6.5 in natural state. We have a water machine that allows us to select varying water pH levels. In my mind I thought pH 6.0 would be optimal but I also considered using pH 9.5 when making the coffee for the enema.

    Thank you so much for your educational videos and articles.

    1. Roslyn

      Hi Pete :) Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments I truly appreciate it. I personally don’t worry about the Ph level of my water, I use a reverse osmosis water filter, which I am very happy with. I feel as long as your water is filtered and clean you will be achieving the results with the coffee enemas you desire. So Happy you are enJOYing my video’s LOL Roslyn

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