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Through my creativity and sheer love of life, I love to Inspire people to be the very best they can be.

Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity plus Support are the tools I offer.

My Journey has included, creating a variety of careers from Fashion retailer, Photographer, Health motivator ~ this thread of vibrant content, sums up my life. Yes I still agree and align myself with those words today except I have a new career in the cosmetic industry with SeneGence the producer of the HOTTEST selling Lippy on the planet ‘LipSense’. It has been over 12 months ago since I became an Independent Distributor of SeneGence cosmetics, primarily LipSense, which I am seriously passionate about in so many ways. LipSense is a long lasting lippy that doesn’t dry your lips, stay’s on, is not tested on animals, vegan friendly, kosher, gluten free, water proof, kiss proof, won’t come off on your coffee cup, wine glass or clothes, does not contain wax or lead. This Lippy ticks all the boxes. You to can become a Distributor or simply open your own account and receive immediate discounts off your purchase, CLICK on the photo below to go to my website < Sell Product < follow prompts and use my ID# 186956 and you are off and running !! This has been the most exciting and fulfilling career so far, building and renewing new friendships. Why not call me today 0421192508 to find out how to join in on the fun. LOLOL R xoxo

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